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A Journey On North Borneo Railway

A Journey On North Borneo Railway

The romance of an old steam train.. A ride on the North Borneo Railway is truly a journey of rediscovery into the heart of Borneo. Transporting you back in time to the days of yore, to the days of the Chartered Company and the British Colonial Office, when young Englishmen set out to be planters and plantation owners, cutting into the wilds of the Borneon jungle in search of adventure and riches beyond their wildest imaginations. Passengers stepping aboard the Plantation Express are conveyed back through time along a century of track, the lifeline of the state, on which the entire history of the 20th Century Sabah is played out amongst the villages and coastal towns, the padi fields and the jungles.

Flanked by the mighty Crocker Range and the lapping of the South China Sea, the railroad was tenaciously built in 1896 to transport the wealth of Sabah to vessels waiting to carry the riches back to England. Today, the North Borneo Railway leaves a legacy far greater than even the young English adventurers could have counted upon.

On 30th January 2000, the train was brought back to life and re-launched with its original brand name and logo as a joint project between Sutera Harbour Resort and the Sabah State Railway Department

The North Borneo Railway is a joint venture project between Sutera Harbour Resort and the Sabah State Railway Department, signifying a historical collaboration between the private sector and the state government.

The primary goals of the project are to highlight the train as a heritage treasure of Sabah, as well as to further promote Sabah as a destination and to enhance the existing railway infrastructure of the state.

The North Borneo Railway aims to offer the experience of the bygone era of British North Borneo creating a time capsule and transporting passengers along the lifeline of Sabah. It creates the nostalgic romance of people travelling by steam train in the past. The Vulcan is the last of a fleet of steam engines that have plied the tracks through Borneo since the last 1800’s.

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