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Blissfully Yours

He asked she said yes! Now for the big day. Every little detail needs impeccable planning. The food needs to be delightful, the décors need to be exquisite, and the venue needs to be gratifying.

Photo/decoration credit to: Your Wedding Stories

As the luxury wedding organiser for savvy, sophisticated couples who demand first class service and a world-class event, Sutera Harbour Resort is able to give you exactly that.

Here’s why you should choose us as your number 1 wedding venue.

Nostalgically yours

If you’re planning to have an intimate ceremony whilst at the same time trying to create something extraordinary for your wedding, then getting married on a 100-year old boat is for you. With the sunset painting the horizon, get solemnised on Sutera Harbour’s vintage beauty the MS Columbus.

The sun and the sea

Desiring the intimate setting near the sea and the gentle breeze from the ocean without the boat? Don’t’ fret. What is more romantic than a walk on the beach? Getting married on the beach, of course! With our picturesque sunset as your backdrop, let Sutera Harbour be your perfect choice for that romantic solemnisation that enhances the love of your special day.

Back to nature

The grandeur of an outdoor wedding is very alluring. Be it on a yacht, at the beach or try this; garden weddings. In many ways, garden nuptials are the very definition of a fairy-tale wedding – a mix of earthly delights, sunny smiles, and heady romance. Our polished yet pastoral garden wedding venue suits couples looking to get married outside – with a dose of formality. Anytime of the day is perfect for a garden wedding. Be it an intimate event with just your loved ones or a wedding with 200 guests, allow us to help make your special day, memorable and delightful.

Going traditional

There's something so effortlessly romantic and enchanting about weddings, isn’t it? The Princess Bride entering her happily-ever-after; be it outdoor or indoor. Sutera Harbour Resort has a variety of function rooms to cater to your every needs of an exquisite and intimate indoor nuptials; all you have to do is pick one. Our pillarless ballrooms are furnished with state-of-the art audio visual and lighting equipment that make them the perfect venue for your wedding.