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A Clean Marina

Twenty one giant clams, tucked safely at a special nursery within the marina. This is a special number to some of us here at the marina. We started a mini project back in 2014 not knowing where this will bring us. We initially hand-picked three giant clams within the marina basin and planted them lovingly on a rock at a nursery; just like how parents would tuck their babies to bed at night!

A team of two would thoroughly inspect the seawall along the marina to check on new addition and would then transfer them to a nursery adjacent to the guardhouse at the marina boardwalk. This mini project would not have been possible without the support from everyone in the marina. With dedicated staff, we were able to monitor their safety and health.

A new study suggests that giant clams can be good underwater cleaner.

“These useful creatures serve as tiny water filtration systems, constantly sieving the water around them in their hunt for a meal of bacteria or microscopic algae known as phytoplankton. As they filter water, the bivalves' tissues absorb some of the chemicals and pathogens that are present - things like herbicides, pharmaceuticals and flame retardants,” according to researchers at Stanford University in California.

The bivalves are able to remove up to 80 percent of some of contaminants from water within 72 hours.

This process has indirectly improved the water quality in the marina.

As part of the International Clean Marina Program in 2018, we are committed to actively monitor, prevent and reduce pollution in and around the marina. It is absolutely necessary for everyone become educated on the causes and effects of water pollution in marina waters.

“The International Clean Marina Program is an international, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slipways, boatyards and associated industry operators. The goal of the Clean Marina Program is to reduce ‘non-point source pollution’ associated with boating/marina facilities, and to promote clean water, clean air and thriving marina industry businesses,” - Marina Industries Association.