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So Let's Eat

Other than the usual “Mana mau makan?” (What to eat); “What’s for lunch today?” is a question you would hear every day at the office between us colleagues. One would go out to find out what’s on the menu and report back promptly. So some may or may not know this, Sutera Harbour has cafeterias to feed us hungry people. There’s one at the Pacific, and another at the Magellan, both cafeterias would serve the same food.

Since it's almost Christmas, they’ve put up decorations just to make people get into the festive mood. They decorated the door with garlands, and even put up a Christmas tree with cute ornaments!

Our cafeterias are open to cater to varied shifts we have in the hotel, so there’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper! Of course in every other cafeteria there are rules and regulations. Here it’s just the basic norms, such as no outside food allowed, no takeaways, be in uniform, and the ultimate NO BRINGING OUT ANY UTENSILS. This is a big no no.

So today the menu is, TADAA.