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Moving From Good To Great

A company's most valuable asset is its employees and with this notion close to heart, my team and I are strenuously taking steps ensuring that all Food and Beverage staff of the Magellan Sutera Resort feel that they are not merely employees but part of a big family.

To equip our staff with better understanding of the hospitality industry, where service tops the list, the F&B Department of the Magellan Sutera Resort has its own training unit.

Managers, with years of experience in the trade, are more than willing to impart their knowledge to the staff through scheduled and relevant training sessions conducted from time to time.

Personally, being in the hospitality industry since 1996, I only became part of the Sutera Harbour Resort’s impeccable team in May of 2013, specifically at the Marina. A shy of two years later, February of 2015 to be exact, I joined the Magellan and was given the opportunity to lead the Food and Beverage Department in June of the same year.

When I first heard about a job opportunity in Sabah, I was a bit sceptical. Probably because of the lack of knowledge what this beautiful state is all about. However after being here for 4½ years, I find that Sabah is peaceful, it’s quite laid-back whereas Kuala Lumpur is very hectic.

My job includes overseeing all operations in the banquet department as well as of all outlets in TMSR. These outlets, namely Al Fresco, Ferdinand’s, Five Sails, Muffinzs and the unique Tarik’s Lobby Lounge, cater to different types of guests and it is our utmost concern that we provide them with the service they deserve.

It is undeniable that most of our guests are foreigners, Koreans and Chinese being the majority, but we also have almost an equal amount of local guests and I have always reminded my team to serve all guests equally regardless of their race or origin.

Compared to Kuala Lumpur, where the majority of guests are business oriented, Sabah caters to a more leisure-oriented guests. Visitors come to Sabah to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. They want a relaxing atmosphere although they also demand top-notch services to maximise their comfort.

I acknowledge that language barrier might be an obstacle but it is not a hindrance we cannot minimise. Our training unit trains our staff the best ways to communicate with all guests apart from providing them with better product knowledge.

We try to improve the level of confidence among our managers as well and through these training sessions, we indirectly help polish their public speaking skills.

We also emphasise on good working attitude, taking into account the importance of self-discipline and good public relation skill; always smile to all guests. We value customers’ feedback as well. Through these feedback we are able to rectify and improve every shortcoming the guests may have experienced during their patronage in any of our outlet.

For next year, we aim to sell more wine to our guests. On top of that, we are targeting for higher revenue, keeping in mind that top quality service will always be our main priority. We are on a good track this year but as our esteemed leader, our DCEO Mr Gerard Tan said we should be moving from good to great, that is exactly, what my team and I will do.


Kaliselvan A/L Subramaniam

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