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Welcoming 2018

Happy New Year everyone!! It’s finally 2018! Another 2 more years till we hit the big 2020. With that being said, did you guys manage to witness our massive fireworks display and see the hottest Dj Kikie that came all the way from Bangkok to play during our New Year’s Eve Mega party? Well we hope you did because these pictures are going to make you feel sorry you were not part of the awesome bash.

Our spectacular massive fireworks have always been the highlight of the show. Sutera Harbour Resort goes an extra mile to give every party goer an unforgettable moment.

Partyers danced into the night with the energetic performances by the band Reverie. Down at the pool, fascinating fire-eating show wowed the crowd and dancers in their elaborate costumes made the gala even more lively.

Guests – young and old, couples and families, friends and strangers – all had an awesome blast as their ushered in the Year of the Dog. Check out the cool photos of the swanky fiesta.

But don’t worry if you missed last year’s party, there’s always this year! Oh have you guys listed out your resolutions for this year? Mine personally is the same old, same old, lose weight! In my defence, I’ve achieved it last year then fell off the wagon; so we’re back on it again this year! *Fingers crossed*


Faizatul Sham

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