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Vacation Ready

How has 2018 been treating you lately? I hope each and one of you have had the loveliest first week. Even better for those 3 lucky winners that just won some holiday trip from the New Years Eve lucky draws!

Our Deputy CEO of Sutera Harbour Resort, Mr Gerard Tan; led the lucky draw sessions.

*drum rolls*

1st Prize winner: Koh Kim Yee (02047) won a Return Trip and Accommodation to Seoul, Korea for 2 persons.

2nd Price winner: Akira Takao from Japan (00591) won a Retrun Trip and Accomodation to Phuket, Thailand for 2 persons

3rd Price winner: Chris Chin (00472) won a Return Trip and Accommodation to Lombok, Indonesia for 2 persons.

Just look at 'em pictures!

Seoul, Korea

Phuket, Thailand

Lombok, Indonesia

If I were in your steps right now, I'd be applying my Annual Leaves already. Haha. Jokes aside, we are really happy for the winners and hope that you have a fabulous stay. Don't forget to hashtag #suteraharbour when you're on that lovely vacay!