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Travel Blogger Mr Jordy Chow

Raise your hands up if you’re a fan of Mr Jordy Chow because he is currently here in Sutera Harbour Resort! For those that don’t really know who Mr Jordy Chow is; he is a popular travel blogger in China.

Jordy, who has an extensive travel resume works with a great number of main-stream media such as CCTV, Tripadvisor, Breadtrip and New Travel Journals. Born to a Malaysian father and an Indonesian mother (both migrated to China long time ago), Jordy has visited 97 countries and nations, over 900 cities and places of attractions in the world.

His show, "Best young and talented Traveler Ever", gives one of the most sought after tips on hotels, dining and places of interest.

Visit Jordy’s blog to know more about this new rising travel writer. A little caution though. The postings are in Chinese but no worries, English translations are available too.

For Chinese entry only; click here.


Faizatul Sham

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