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Paradiso Cabana

Bordered by the turquoise-blue sea, the breath-taking view of the sun setting on the horizon and the soothing wind of the South China Sea, perhaps there’s nothing more intimate than a dinner for two under a romantic cabana.

Coupled with a bottle of white or red Beringer wine from Napa Valley USA, Al Fresco’s Cabana Moonlight Dinner offers a scrumptious 5-course western cuisine of eclectic origins, perfect for this coming Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

We had the exciting opportunity of sampling the dinner set recently during the Cabana Moonlight Dinner Media Food Review with two of our friends from the media.

As we entered the foyer of Al Fresco, we were greeted by some of the friendliest F&B team and they were kind enough to set us at another table after a last minute change.

The table setting was beautiful with red roses as the centrepiece topped by two translucent table lights.

A basket of freshly baked assorted mini bread rolls and chilled butter were then served to us to nibble while we waited for our meal. As none of us drink alcoholic beverages, we were served with sparkling juice instead.

Our dinner started with a French entrée, a delectable bite-sized hors d’œuvre, Amuse Bouche. A little savouring of the appetiser gave hints of fresh herbs and spices, key ingredients to French cuisine.

Garnished with chopped tomatoes sautéed in special sauce and laid on a bed of baby bean sprouts, the first course was nothing but delightful.

Seafood platter of poached prawns, US scallop, mussel and octopus edamame, mesculin and Romesco sauce came next. The platter of food of mixed continents was refreshing especially the peppery taste of the Catalonian sauce.

The chilled platter was complemented with a hot bowl of cream of forest mushroom soup perfumed with white truffle oil. The savoury base of mushroom combined with just the perfect blend of spices and balanced with a drizzle of white truffle oil was rich in flavour and pleasant to the palate.

To cleanse our palate before the next course, we were served sherbet. The sweetened frozen dessert came in two flavours; lime and raspberry.

The main course consists of two choices. Meat lovers will definitely appreciate the delicious Grilled Marinated Australian Beef Tenderloin Steak Belgium Endive, Truffle Mashed Potatoes and Beef Jus Reduction.

We ordered ours medium rare and we found the steak tender and flavourful and the mashed potatoes was complemented with the earthy smell of mushrooms, mould, and heaven of truffle.

For those who are not into meat, they will definitely love the Pan-roasted Cod Fish Fillet on Gratinated Mushroom Asparagus, Cherry Tomato and Crab Meat Quenelle.

We have to warn you though, the fish is so fresh, you just won’t be able to resist taking another spoonful even before swallowing the portion you are currently chewing.

We personally love the Crab Meat Quenelle. It was juicy with a hint of selective herbs and spices added into it.

The desserts also came in two choices; Apple Crumbled Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream and Coconut Macaroon and Chocolate Sauce.

The Apple Crumbled Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream is to die for. The flaky pie crust was just the perfect combination of its gooey fresh apple pie filling.

The irritatingly sweet but addictive Coconut Macaroons and Chocolate Sauce were chewy on the inside, crisp and perfect on the outside.

We were satiated with a selection of either coffee or tea and a serving of chocolate pralines. Praline is a form of confection containing at a minimum nuts and sugar; cream is a common third ingredient and the ones we had tasted like heaven.

The only thing we did not get to enjoy was the personal singing performance by our in-house strollers, the Hinava.

However to sum it all up, our Cabana Moonlight Dinner experience was simply delightful. The ambiance, the staff and the setting of good company made our meal even more meaningful.

Why not create your own intimate and meaningful dinner experience with us? Choose Cabana Moonlight Dinner at the Al Fresco and experience what we have experienced; perhaps maybe more.

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