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Review from BorneoNews.Net

Here’s an invigorating review on the Cabana Moonlight Dinner by a seasoned feature writer from Sabah’s very own online media portal,

"Dining al fresco at Magellan Sutera, Kota Kinabalu is especially pleasant in the evening, especially during fair weather. Diners can enjoy the sounds of incessant waves lapping at the shore, and the sky turning orange and red as the sun sets.

The gentle sea breeze and the sounds of the waves are enough to soothe one’s mind and of course this makes for comfortable dining.

On blustery evenings, though, it can be a challenge to dine outside but of course there is also a place indoor to dine in comfortably, sheltered from the elements.

The dining ambiance is pleasant of course.

The beef steak

Sometimes though the pleasant ambiance is all there is but at Al Fresco the food is a definite plus.

The food served in this outlet is actually well worth the visit. The dining experience starts at the entrée they call Amuse Bouche. I didn’t actually get a translation for this but I believe it meant to tickle the palate, and it did. You just wanted more after sampling this small but satisfying item.

Then come the poached prawns, US Scallops, mussels, octopus edamame, mesculin with romesco sauce. Again, this is a small portion but enough to be enthusiastic enough due to the variety of seafood in such a compact setting.