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Who here has been swooning over these two couple? As you've probably heard these two are going to tie the knot this coming April 13th! The couple came over to Kota Kinabalu to shoot their pre-wedding video and Sutera Harbour Resort had the pleasure of being their chosen destination!

For those of you who might still be wondering who I'm talking about, Shenty Feliziana, a Singaporean, is a host in HLive in Astro and a few other channels such as Alternatif, CCTV and Bonda Bonding.

Since her debut in the acting industry, she has appeared in a number of movies like Akadku Yang Terakhir, DO(s)A, Padamu Aku Bersujud, Apa Celop Top, to name a few.

Shenty met Reuben when they starred in the film DO(s)A, a Malaysia-Indonesia-Singapore collaboration.

Reuben Elishama Hadju Soerjosoemarno is an actor and singer from Indonesia.

Reuben and 4 other members formed the band Channel in mid-2003 and soon after became famous with their hit, Tentang Kita.

Reuben has also acted alongside Bunga Citra Lestari in the film Kangen and was nominated as Best Male Supporting Actor for his role in Berbagai Suami.

Shenty and Reuben love-story didn't start on set; however the chemistry between them was too hard to deny. Shortly after the filming ended the two started to date.

Shenty told Reuben if he was serious about her to see her mother in Singapore, and to her surprise he really did.