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The Geniuses Behind The Visual Wonders

More often than not, photos or visuals presentations in our hotel’s banners, flyers or promotional items, are presented in such exquisite ways.

Be it for weddings, holiday promotions, parties or even formal courtesy calls, our team of photographers are ready to snap and record every memorable moment.

Our hotel photographers, Ivan Tan and Ahmad Faizi b Ahmad Zamani carry with them extensive skills and experiences in photography and videography.

From panoramic view to 360-degree technique, from on the ground photos to drone images, be it black and white, high speed or motion blur, our shutterbugs apply concepts like most famous photographers and videographers use.

With more than 10 years of experience in presenting Sutera Harbour Resort to the world through his lens, Ivan began his path to photography in 1999 as indoor and outdoor wedding photographer in Singapore before becoming a printed media photographer upon returning home.

His passion led him to become Borneo Post’s official photographer during the Miss Sabah / Malaysia for 2001 and 2004. During the 2004 Shell Press Awards, he was bestowed Silver Award for an outstanding piece he did for the same local paper.

‘I don’t have any special technique when taking photos. I apply techniques depending on the situation. Whatever technique that could help solve any problem during any photoshoot session, I will apply it,’ he said during a light moment.

‘My favourite lens would be a 35mm f/1.2 cause it’s expensive and I can’t afford it,’ he said jokingly then added ‘Actually depending on what occasion. I prefer using something with F2.8 and below A.K.A fast lens. For now, M42 lens mount. It’s cheap but produces good quality images and fits any camera with proper lens adaptor.’

Asked what his preferred setting when in the field, he opted for manual mode as this specific method gives better control of the overall ambience and lighting condition.

His inspiration comes from beautiful visual presentations of common photographers particularly those who use basic equipment.

‘It’s just the way these photos are presented as if they are taken by seasoned shutterbugs with expensive gears. Not everyone has that natural knack and that is impressive,’ Ivan said.