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A Journey of Brotherhood

I'm sure every one of you is a fan of a Korean Tv Drama or Series. Recently Sutera Harbour Resort was chosen to shoot a Korean travelling documentary where the leading host would be a French personality and a Polish model that makes head turns everywhere they go. Yes that's right. It's Robin Deiana and Matthew Nowicz!

Man2Man series focuses on brotherhood and seeing the world together whilst also getting to know each other even better. So far the program has filmed in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Saipan, Macao, and when we were told that they would be coming to Kota Kinabalu we were thrilled! We could'nt have been more thrilled and honoured to have most part of the filming done in Sutera Harbour Resort.

Here are some of the behind the scene picture to keep your curiosity in content. Although we won't be able to tell you so much into details.

They started filming at Al-Fresco, The Magellan Sutera Resort, where we served them with our local delights. Chef Zul even made an appearance to enlighten them our local food. When Matthew asked when Nasi Lemak is usually eaten, Chef Zul said, "Nasi lemak is wonderful to eat any time of the day that's what so special about it and that's how we Malaysians love it".

In the evening, they filmed our breathtaking sunset at the Breeze Beach Club, The Pacific Sutera Hotel. Robin said that he fell in love with the sunset and the view and everyday he was here that was what he was looking forward to.