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Exuberant May

May is definitely a month all Sabahans are waiting for and to you staying at our Resort, you will also be able to enjoy all the excitement May has to offer.

While enjoying all the facilities we have to offer here at Sutera Harbour Resort, you might also want to check out some of the exciting events throughout Sabah in May.

Come this May, the largest indigenous ethnic group in Sabah, the Kadazandusun, will be celebrating Tadau Kaamatan.

One of the most anticipated festival in Sabah, Kaamatan is celebrated as a gesture of gratitude for a bounty harvest and to honour the rice spirits (Bambazon).

This year the month-long celebration will kick-off with the annual Sabah Fest (4-6 May 2018) with Solungkoi Jambatan Tamparuli. This musical theatre tells a story about the construction of the Tamparuli hanging bridge, which became the landmark of Tamparuli region over several decades ago.

In the olden days, the Tamparuli hanging bridge was built to provide an easy and better access for the villagers.

The bridge continuously collapsed after being washed away by the river every time during rainy seasons.

After several attempts of rebuilding the bridge failed, the villagers consulted a spirit medium who helped them communicate with the spiritual world.

The spirits said that the bridge was constructed on a sacred site, and "Ombuakar", the spirit said to live inside the Tamparuli river demanded for a human sacrifice as a compensation.

The theatre will depict the story about how one beautiful young woman who fell madly in love but later became a human sacrifice to appease the river spirits.

Tadau Kaamatan will open in Kota Marudu this year on 5 May. The district celebrates the harvest festival with their own line-up of exciting events such as cultural performances, handicrafts exhibitions, traditional delicacies and the crowning of the Unduk Ngadau for Kota Marudu.

Guests who are into sports, be sure to catch the Borneo International Marathon (BIM) on 6 May held at the Likas Sports Complex. BIM is held along the scenic roads of Kota Kinabalu with three distances – 10km, 21km (half marathon) and 42km (full marathon).