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Beautify yourself with Henna

Every Tuesday from 2.00pm - 3.00pm, at Little Magellan, The Magellan Sutera Resort.

While most of us know what 'Henna' is, do we really what it is? Lets take a little history class today.

What is Henna?

Henna is a plant which grows in the tropical climates of Africa, northern Australia, and southern Asia. Its leaves contain a pigment called lawsone which combines with proteins to cause staining. Because of this staining quality, Henna has been used throughout the ages to dye hair and create body art designs.

Origin of Mehandi

It is thought that Mehandi originated in the deserts of India when the people living there discovered that covering their hands and feet with colored paste from the Henna plant helped them to feel cooler. It wasn't long until a creative individual began making intricate designs with the colored paste instead of just smearing it on. The complexity of designs grew and began to take on meaning. Eventually brides began to decorate their feet and hands with henna as part of their wedding rituals.

Many other Mehandi traditions developed over time. For example, women's hands were decorated with henna at childbirth because women with intricate Mehandi designs did little household labor so as not to destroy their body art. Tattooing women's hands at weddings and childbirth allowed them a few weeks where they could bond with the new husband or new baby and not be bothered with daily household chores. The tattoos were also thought to bestow blessings and good luck.

Did you guys read that? LUCK! So don't think twice about if it'll suit you. Head down to Little Magellan now. Yes it is also FREE for Hotel Guest and Members.

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