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This one for the children

A significant event, the Water and Land Dharma Service organised by the Amitofo Care Charity Association Malaysia 2018, held at The Magellan Sutera Resort garnered some very positive feedback from members of the public.

The event, which started on 26 June 2018 and ended 30 June 2018, saw the delegation, led by Venerable Master Hui Li, arrived on 22 June 2018 and was welcomed by Sutera Harbour Resort Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr Gerard Tan at Lobby, The Magellan Sutera Resort.

On the first day of the event, ACC monks commenced the launching of the event at the Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club. The monks also boarded the Puteri Sutera and released a school of fish into the ocean. They proceeded with blessings of the vessel.

The monks also went around the Resort, going into offices, lobbies and rooms for blessings and were accompanied by Mr Gerard Tan.

Taiwan ACC Secretary-general, Master Xin Yi said in an interview, all proceeds or every financial aid gained from this event would be channelled to the ACC’s main cause.

‘This is the third and final year we organise this event in Malaysia. We appreciate all the support and results we received during these years. Who knows, maybe in the future, we will come back to Malaysia,’ he added.

This momentous event was attended not only by Malaysians but also participants from Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, USA, Brunei, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Germany and the Philippines.

Amitofo Care Centre, ACC for short, is an international humanitarian NGO set up by a Buddhist group. The main principles and unique characteristic of ACC are based on local African culture, Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy to foster thousands of vulnerable orphans in need.

The founder of ACC is Venerable Master Hui Li, also tagged as the ‘African monk’. In 1992, he established the first Buddhist temple, Nan Hua Buddhist Temple, in South Africa. Afterward, he extended his arms to Malawi to set up the first orphanage, Amitofo Care Centre.

Since then, ACC has spread its wings to Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia to adopt orphans, establish schools, nurture CBOs, open vocational training centres and revive local African culture.

Interestingly enough, ACC’s noble cause has help many African children in terms of daily necessities and education. Some of these children grew up becoming doctors and other professionals.

ACC has also established the Yuan-Tong School within the orphanage village. The Yuan-Tong school is a formal educational institution that complies with the local school system and provides education from primary to secondary levels.

The school teaches Buddhism and Mandarin in addition to local language and English. As such, the children not only maintain their native African culture, but also simultaneously learn broader perspectives stemming from western and traditional Chinese cultures.

ACC hopes that by introducing cultural diversity, these orphans could develop a broader view of life that embraces diversity, independence, and healthy interdependence.

It is ACC’s hope that these orphans will then contribute to their country and the world, starting from empowering them to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

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