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A Ghoulish Halloween

Halloween is one of those festivals which are celebrated all over the world and on this day, you can see some really scary and funny dresses all over the places. This year at Sutera Harbour Resort, we are going all out on Halloween as we’ll be celebrating it for 2 whole days from the 30th October – 31st October at Café Boleh, The Pacific Sutera Hotel.

Come in for a bite at our spooky galore as we are dying to have you. For a more spooktacular treat, bring the little monsters for face painting to complete that monstrous look, exclusively for monsters below 12 years old.

For only RM120.00nett per adult and RM60.00nett per child, join us for a night of ghastly adventure, knife-edging pumpkin-carving session and dress up as your favourite fiend to win attractive prizes. A ghoulish Halloween mask to go with your outfit is available as a treat to all diners and trick or treat for the little bugbears.

Halloween might be the highlight of Pacific Sutera Hotel this month, but we have more up our sleeves. For the whole month of October, the weekend theme buffet dinner for Café Boleh is Borneo Night where you’re able to feast on a variety of traditional food.

Café Boleh also offers the simple yet delicious Enchiladas at RM38.00nett per dish. If you have yet to try an Enchilada, it’s a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a chilli pepper sauce; something that you would definitely come back for more.

As for our well known Chinese Restaurant, Silk Garden, they will be serving Teochew Braised Duck from RM55.00nett per dish for the whole month! Glazed, tender and savoury, this braised duck might be the reason why you’ll be finding yourself at the restaurant almost every day.

Plan out your month because October’s offers are not something you’ll want to miss.

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