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When in Mantanani

White sandy beaches. Crystal clear waters. Captivating blue skies. Delightful marine life. Magical views of the setting of the sun. Romantic serene nights. Just the perfect combination for an exquisite island gateway.

Sutera@Mantanani offers other activities to let you enjoy an island gateway like never before. We cannot wait for you to experience our island adventure. With a number of exciting activities lined up for you, you will experience an island gateway like never before.

Treat yourself to a snorkeling adventure. Dive in the crystal clear waters and marvel at the abundance of fascinating aquatic life swimming in the waters of Mantanani Island. See countless species of fish and other sea life as you glide through the water.

Our Sunset Tour lets us take you to the most romantic spot on the island, where you can see the bright orange, red and yellow pastels of the sensational evening light streaks across the horizon before dipping behind the ocean; allowing the moon to glow for that romantic ending to your day.

After a day of invigorating swim, what better way to pass a sunny afternoon than playing Beach Volleyball on the pristine beach of Mantanani. Feel free to compete in thrilling matches against family, friends, or make new friends by competing with other guests!

Show off your soccer skills and join in our Beach Soccer for a fun activity on the beach. Excellent ways to burn off the calories and have fun with friends, you are welcomed to enjoy a round of this favourite game or organise an impromptu tournament right on the beach of Sutera@Mantanani.

Our fishing activities are sure to thrill avid fans and beginners alike. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fishing from a deserted island or learn how to fish like the local fishermen.

Come on over to our Fun Room and enjoy a one of our six board games consisting of Scrabble, Mahjong, Chess, Carrom, Chinese Checkers and Katam-Katam.

On a rare magical night, you may witness one of world’s most spellbinding natural phenomena – the bioluminescence or Blue Plankton. This amazing visual effects that border on supernatural will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences ever.

And if you are an avid star-gazer, open your eyes and find yourself on a magnificent island during the wee hours of the morning, far from intrusive city lights, under a breath-taking canopy of shimmering stars.

What’s more interesting is that you can actually witness the beautiful wonders that lights up the early sky of Sutera@Mantanani, with your naked eyes, without the help of a telescope.

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