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Wow! Pack your bags NOW!

Imagine an island with pearl white sandy beaches. Cooling breeze of the ocean. Swaying palm trees. A swinging hammock and a cold drink for that perfect lazy afternoon. Then imagine clear blue waters with colourful fishes swimming underneath, whilst occasionally a stingray glides through.

Intrigued enough? Well, look no further! Pack your bags now and come on over to Sutera@Mantanani Island Resort & Spa for that perfect island gateway.

With our exclusive WOW! Mantanani Island Deal, you get to enjoy a full board meals with options of either disembarking on your dreamy destination from The Magellan Sutera Hotel or meet your fellow holidaymakers at the Rampayan Jetty.

From as low as RM395 per night (for 2 pax), Malaysians (including permanent residents), Bruneians and Singaporeans get to enjoy the most memorable staycation on the spectacularly beautiful island of Mantanani.

Snorkelling? ATV ride? Beach soccer? Bouncy castle on the sea? Yes! We have them all for you to enjoy and many more activities perfect for all ages. Be sure to join in the Blue Tears tour. You will be amazed by this one of world’s most spellbinding natural phenomena. This amazing visual effects that border on supernatural will definitely be one of the most surreal and magical moments ever.

Dining with us also creates that unforgettable moments as Sutera@Manatanani serves only the freshest sea produce for all.

Safety and security are also placed on top of the service chain here at Sutera@Mantanani Island Resort & Spa so you can enjoy your dream holiday with a peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected from any harm.

So, what are you waiting for? Dial now +60 88 303 870 or +60 88 317 617 or email us at: to book.

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