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Weekend Buffet Dinner At Cafe Boleh

Spice up your palate at the ‘Taste of Northern & Southern Indian’ weekend buffet dinner where culture and flavours combine at Café Boleh – The Pacific Sutera.

Fine Indian Cuisine, concocted by Executive Chef, Chandran Narayanan who helms the kitchen with his impressive culinary experience in preparing both Northern and Southern Indian cuisine, is sure to excite the discerning taste buds of all who dine at the Café Boleh weekend buffet dinner.

For the first time ever, Chef Chandran takes us on an imaginative and creative gastronomy journey of an ‘inside the kitchen’ experience in preparing and cooking these delectable Indian dishes.

Traditional and classic utensils are used to prepare and serve the dishes that include stainless steel bowls and banana leaves.

The Spice of India

The Spice of India

India was at the heart of the spice trade and as a result Indian cooking is recognised for its aromatic spices.